Appendix: BlackBerry® Limitations

Sprites, such as radio traffic arrows, the hourglass, the browser arrow cursor, and caps- and alt-lock indicators may not be captured in screen sharing.

You cannot use the mouse to control the screen of the remote BlackBerry® device, whether the device has a standard keyboard or is entirely touchscreen.

When supporting a touchscreen device, such as BlackBerry® Storm, the virtual keyboard will appear as a black area. Any menus or dialogs that appear in that space during that time will also be blacked out.

Applications are paused during an active phone call on some devices to ensure call quality and reliability. Therefore, while you may remotely initiate a call, you may be unable to see or do anything until the call has ended.

When transferring files, certain directories may not be available for read or write depending on the BlackBerry® device model and/or the BES policies.