Appendix: BES, MDS, BIS

BES – BlackBerry Enterprise Server:

  • Is for enterprises using Exchange, Lotus Domino, or Novell Groupwise
  • Includes push IT policies (device security, GPS access, etc.)
  • Includes software application policies that affect Bomgar client
  • IT Policies could prevent the Bomgar client from being installed

You can view the 400+ BlackBerry policies at

MDS – Mobile Data System, as depicted below, runs on the BES and:

  • Supports push applications and application policies to BlackBerry devices
  • Provides access to applications that sit behind the corporate firewall
  • Acts as a reverse proxy
  • Has no policy just for Bomgar; therefore, default policies must be correctly configured as previously mentioned

Bomgar Traffic of BlackBerry Enterprise Server MDS

BIS – BlackBerry Internet Service supports email for consumers, rather than enterprise or business customers. BIS should not affect any permission directly, though the settings on your device itself may still need to be set, as discussed in BlackBerry® Permissions for Running the Bomgar Customer Client.