Start an Android Device Customer Support Session

Users of Android mobile devices benefit from access to your professional support team. Bomgar enables you to support Android devices on an ad hoc basis. You may begin this type of Android device support via a representative-initiated support invitation or from your Bomgar support portal. If you would prefer to start with web-based click-to-chat, see Start a Click-to-Chat Session on an Android Device.

Download the Android Support Client App from an Email Invitation

Support Session Email Invitation

An email invitation is sent by the representative from the representative console and contains an invitation to join a support session, including a unique session key URL.

After clicking the link in the invitation email, your customer will be taken to a page with instructions for starting a session. First, links to install the Bomgar support app are provided. Your customer should select the appropriate link for their device.


Android Customer Client app in Google Play Store

After clicking the appropriate link for the device, your customer will be taken to Google Play to download the Bomgar support client app. By tapping Install and then Accept & download, your customer allows the permissions needed and begins the installation process on the device.

Your customer sees a message confirming that the Bomgar support client is successfully installed. The Bomgar support client is now listed in the device app list.


Bomgar Support Client Successfully Installed

The customer can now return to the web page and click the link to start the session. This will switch focus to the Bomgar support client and will immediately place the customer in a support queue.

Be sure the session key expiration is set for long enough that the customer can install the app and start a session. If the session key expires, the representative will have to issue another key.