Transfer the Bomgar - ServiceNow Integration Update Sets

The steps below are typically used after the integration has been imported and configured in a test/development instance of ServiceNow and is being transferred to a production instance. However, they are also applicable to transferring the integration between any ServiceNow instances.

  1. Follow the steps in the ServiceNow documentation to transfer the Bomgar - ServiceNow Integration update set(s) into the destination instance of ServiceNow.

    Note: This is typically done by retrieving the update sets from the destination instance or by exporting the update sets from the original instance as XML files. See "Transferring Update Sets" in the ServiceNow product documentation for details:

  2. Follow the same steps to transfer the Bomgar Integration Install update set.

Outbound Event

  1. In the Bomgar interface, go to /login > Management > Outbound Events and add a new event which uses the URL of the destination ServiceNow instance. Click Add Recipient.
  2. Locate the outbound event created during testing and click Edit. Check the Disabled checkbox and save.


Custom Link

  1. Go to /login > Configuration > Options and scroll down to Representative Console :: Custom Link. Update the URL to direct to the destination instance of ServiceNow.
  2. Test the integration setup in its new location following the same steps used to test the original instance. See Test the Setup of the Bomgar and ServiceNow Integration.