Properties for Bomgar Integration with ServiceNow

After the initial setup is complete and tested, you may wish to customize the Properties page of the Integration - Bomgar application in ServiceNow. The meaning and expected behavior of these options are explained below.

Bomgar Instance Name

The hostname or IP address of your Bomgar site. This determines the address which ServiceNow will use for outbound access to Bomgar. An example of this access is when a user in ServiceNow clicks the Bomgar Session Key button. ServiceNow will then make an outbound connection to the Bomgar appliance in order to retrieve the key.



The Bomgar username which is set up in the Bomgar /login interface.


The password for the Bomgar user which is set up in the Bomgar /login interface.

Bomgar Appliance IP Address

The IP address of the Bomgar Appliance. This determines what inbound connections from Bomgar to ServiceNow will be accepted by ServiceNow. An example of an inbound connection would be when Bomgar sends session updates to ServiceNow after a Bomgar session ends.

Create Bomgar Exit Surveys

Writes customer exit survey information into ServiceNow session and related incident reports. It is recommended to uncheck this setting. This setting requires a ServiceNow customer exit survey setup exactly the same as the Bomgar customer exit survey setup. ServiceNow supports only one survey per incident, but Bomgar supports one survey per session. This does not match up very well for most customers.

Survey Record sys_id

The System ID of the survey record to which Bomgar surveys are matched.

Create Stub Incident

Creates a stub incident in ServiceNow for sessions started in Bomgar. This automatically creates an incident in ServiceNow for sessions started outside of ServiceNow, i.e., sessions that are not already associated with a ServiceNow incident. This setting is generally unchecked because it contains very limited data and clutters the list of incidents, but you may find it useful because it provides additional audit trail. These stub incidents are also unassigned in ServiceNow.

Outbound Events

Comma-separated lists of outbound events. The complete list of outbound events which can be used here is: support_conference_end, support_conference_customer_exit_survey_completed, support_conference_rep_exit_survey_completed.

Log Outbound Events

Logs Bomgar outbound events that come to ServiceNow into the Bomgar Events table and processes the events.

Log Run Commands

Logs Bomgar run commands which happen in the Bomgar session into ServiceNow. This allows links to command shell recordings to be imported into ServiceNow.

File Transfers

Logs Bomgar file transfers into ServiceNow.

Pass Email Subject

This relates to emailing through ServiceNow. It is possible to specify an email template to use in ServiceNow, but most users start with the default email template.

System Information

Logs Bomgar session information into ServiceNow.

Session Key Validity Duration

The amount of time a session key should be valid. If left blank, the Bomgar /login default is used.

Jump Client Button

Activates a button on the cmdb_ci_computer table to Jump to the CI. If integration is not going to use Jump Clients, then uncheck this setting.

Work Notes

Notes added during a Bomgar session can be imported and tied to the Bomgar session within ServiceNow. This option also allows the work note to be rolled up into the incident so that it is logged in two places.

Button and Session Notes

Logs a work note on the incident every time the Get Support Now or Generate Session Key buttons are clicked or when a Bomgar session is completed.

System Messages

Displays all Bomgar system messages that were created during the chat session. If unchecked, only the chat dialogue between the representative and the customer will be displayed in ServiceNow. It is recommended to check this setting so that all system messages can be seen, giving a full picture of the session.

View Recorded Sessions

Shows a button which allows you to view recorded Bomgar sessions. Bomgar must be configured to record sessions.

General Queue

If checked, generated session keys will always go to the general queue and not to a specific representative. In most cases, a session should go to the representative who generated the session key.


Enables click-to-chat when starting sessions from Self Service. If this is not checked, the full Bomgar customer client is downloaded to the end user.

Available Reps

Allows the end user to select from a list of available representatives when choosing to get support now. It is recommended to uncheck this setting.

Start Session from Ticket

Allows the end user to start a Bomgar session from their submitted ticket.