Add Custom Buttons to the Incident Page Layout


You must purchase this integration separately from both your Bomgar software and your Remedyforce solution. For more information, contact Bomgar sales.

In this step, we will be applying the Bomgar Incident Page Layout to be used by Remedyforce staff.

Note: This setup is for customers who are using standard page layouts. If you are using the Visualforce pages, the Remedyforce Custom Actions will be created for you when going into the Bomgar Settings page.

  1. Go to Setup > App Setup > Create > Objects > Incident.
  2. Click on the Incident link.
  3. Scroll down to Page Layouts, and click Edit next to Remedyforce Incident Version 2.0.

Page Layouts

  1. In the Edit Page Layout screen, select Buttons.

Remedyforce Incident

  1. Drag the following buttons to the Custom Buttons area:
    1. Generate Bomgar S…
    2. Display Record ID
  1. After adding these buttons, the Custom Buttons layout will be similar to below.

Incident Detail

  1. Next, scroll down on the page layout to add the Bomgar Sessions related list.
  2. Select Related Lists and drag Incident Bomgar S… to the related list section.

Related Lists

  1. Next, click the wrench icon to add detailed fields.

Incident Bomgar Sessions

  1. Then, select the following fields to show in the related list:
    1. Bomgar Session: Bomgar Session ID
    2. Bomgar Session: Session Start Date
    3. Bomgar Session: Session End Date
    4. Bomgar Session: Primary Support Rep Name
    5. Bomgar Session: Customer Name
    6. Bomgar Session: Duration

Related List Fields

  1. Next, open Buttons, and deselect New.


  1. Click OK.

Incident Bomgar Sessions

  1. You will now see buttons for Generate Session Key and Display Record ID, and the related list for Incident Bomgar Sessions.

Page Layout