Ticket Updates

This feature enables Bomgar to automatically update the appropriate KACE tickets with Bomgar session information (e.g. chat transcripts, system information, and session recording links). Once configured, after a Bomgar session that was started from KACE is ended, the details for that session will be automatically entered in the KACE ticket for the session by Bomgar.

Note: This feature requires a minimum version of Bomgar 13.1 and enterprise licensing (if running Bomgar software prior to 14.2).

  1. Create a Service Desk user to receive automatic ticket updates from Bomgar sessions.
    1. Login to the Dell KACE Management Center as an admin and navigate to Service Desk > Users.
    2. Click Choose Action, select Add New Item, and configure the following:
      • For User Name enter Bomgar Auto-Update.
      • For Email enter noreply@bomgar.example.com where bomgar.example.com is the address of the Bomgar Appliance to use.
      • Assign any password and click Save.
  2. Service Desk User Ticket Recipient

  3. Create a Bomgar Outbound Event email to send ticket updates.
    1. Login to the Bomgar Appliance's /login administrative interface as an administrative user and browse to Management > Email Configuration.
    2. Enter the appropriate SMTP server details for the mail server to which Bomgar should send email.
  4. Configure SMTP Relay Server

    Switch to the Outbound Events page, click Add New Email Recipient and configure the settings as indicated below.

    • Enter KACE Example Service Desk for the Name where Example is the name of the KACE service desk being used for Bomgar sessions.
    • Enter the email address of the KACE service desk.
    • Check the Require External Key checkbox.
    • Customize the Events to Send as desired by following the instructions and macros on the configuration page.

    Configure Email Recipient

    • Click Add Recipient at the bottom of the page.

  1. Test the configuration.
    1. Login to the Bomgar Rep Console for the Bomgar site being used for the integration.
    2. Login to the Dell KACE Management Center as an admin or service desk user.
    3. Browse to Service Desk, click New, and select the appropriate queue from the dropdown.
    4. Enter the necessary information, click Save, and then start a session from the ticket (e.g., using the Email Bomgar Invite feature).
    5. Connect to the session in the Bomgar Rep Console and then end it.
    6. After a brief period, the KACE ticket used to start the session should update with the details of the Bomgar sesison.

At this point, all Bomgar sessions initiated from Dell KACE tickets should automatically send details of the session into the appropriate Dell KACE ticket.