Machine Actions

The Machine Actions feature provides an automated way to connect with Bomgar Jump Clients from within Dell KACE's Inventory page.

  1. Login to the Dell KACE Management Center as an admin user and navigate to Settings > General Settings.

Machine Action Settings

  1. Click Edit Mode under the Machine Actions section.

    Machine Actions Edit

  2. Locate or create two new actions and name them Bomgar Jump Client and Bomgar Local Jump, respectively.
  3. Select BOMGAR Pre-installed Jump Client Using HOST NAME from the Action dropdown for the Bomgar Jump Client machine action.
  4. Select BOMGAR Push and Start Using HOSTNAME from the Action dropdown for the Bomgar Local Jump.
  5. Replace [REPLACE WITH BOMGAR SITE NAME] with the URL of the Bomgar Appliance.

New Actions

  1. Click Save Actions .

At this point, when the appropriate machine action is selected from KACE's Inventory page, a .brcs (Bomgar Rep Console Script) file will download. Once run (most browsers have an option to do this automatically), it will launch the rep console and attempt a connection to the machine from the Dell KACE inventory.