Jump Client Script

The Jump Client script will allow KACE administrators to automatically deploy Bomgar Jump Clients to any or all KACE-managed systems which do not yet have a Jump Client installed.

  1. Login to the Bomgar Appliance's /login administrative web interface and create a team for KACE-deployed Jump Clients.
    1. Browse to Configuration > Support Teams and click Add New Team.
    2. Enter Dell KACE Jump Clients for Team Name, enter Jump Clients deployed via Dell KACE script. for the Comments and add Team Members as appropriate.

      Note: Keep in mind that the members of this team will automatically have access to all systems on which KACE installs Jump Clients using the automated install script currently being configured.

    3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Add Team.

      KACE Jump Client Support Team

  2. Create a Bomgar mass deployment installer for Jump Clients.
    1. Browse to Configuration > Jump Clients > Jump Client Mass Deployment Wizard.
    2. Configure Pin This Client To for the Dell KACE Jump Clients team as well as for the other parameters as appropriate to the environment.

      KACE Jump Client Deploy Team

      Note: See Jump Clients in the Admin Guide for details.

    3. Click Deploy, select Windows (x86) MSI and make a note of the KEY_INFO string for use later.
    4. Click Download/Install and make note of the download location.

    Set the Client Installer

  3. Login to the Dell KACE Management Center, browse to Home > Label > Smart Labels > Choose Action and select Add New Machine Smart Label.

    Set the Client Installer

  4. Set the following criteria:
    1. Software Titles
    2. does not contain
    3. Bomgar Jump Client [bomgar.example.com]

      Note: Replace bomgar.example.com with the Bomgar site name, enclosed in brackets as shown.

    4. Name the label No Jump Client and click Create Smart Label.

Set Labels

  1. Browse to Scripting > Choose Action and select Add New Item.

    New Script Action

  2. Configure the following:
    1. Under Configuration, name the script Bomgar - Install Jump Client.
    2. Under Deployment, Limit Deployment To Selected Labels, edit the No Jump Client label.

      New Script Edits

    3. Under Supported Operating Systems, uncheck Pick Specific OS Versions and highlight Microsoft Windows.
    4. Under Scheduling, set a schedule for the script to run, if desired.

      Note: If setting a schedule, check Allow to Run While Logged Off.

  3. Under Policy or Job Rules, click Add Task Section... and configure the following:
    1. Under On Success, click Add and select Launch a Program...
    2. Enter C:\Windows\System32 and msiexec.exe for Directory and File, respectively.
    3. Enter /qn /i "$(KACE_DEPENDENCY_DIR)\bomgar-scc-win32.msi KEY_INFO=[key info string]" for Paramenters, replacing [key info string] with the key info string noted earlier.

      Job Rules Task

    4. Click Save Changes.

With the above script configured, KACE can be used to automatically deploy Bomgar Jump Clients to all managed systems in KACE which do not already have a Jump Client installed.