Console Ticket Link

The Bomgar Representative console can be configured to add a link for each session which allows the representative to open the associated KACE ticket with one click. If no ticket is associated with the session, the link will open the KACE ticket management interface which allows the representative to open a new ticket.

  1. Login to the /login web interface of the Bomgar Appliance as an administrative user.
  2. Browse to Configuration and scroll down to Representative Console :: Custom Link.
  3. Enter for the URL where is the address of the KACE appliance.
  4. Custom Session Link

  5. Login to Bomgar Rep Console and the Dell KACE Management Center.
  6. Create or open a test ticket from the Management Center and start a Bomgar session from it.
  7. Click on the Custom Link icon in the upper-right corner of the Rep Console session window, once the session has started.

If the Dell KACE ticket for which the Bomgar session was started is opened in a web browser, then setup was successful.