Configure Dell KACE K1000 Service Desk

Ticket Fields

In order to use the Bomgar Integration for the Dell KACE K1000 service desk module, you must customize the ticket fields and associated ticket rules. This section describes ticket field customization.Ticket field customization enables display of the interface elements necessary to send a Bomgar session link by email and generate a Bomgar session key from KACE's service desk tickets. To activate these interface elements, see the Ticket Rules section.

  1. Login to the KACE Management Center as admin (/admin), navigate to Service Desk > Configuration, and select the appropriate queue.
  2. Select Customize Fields and Layout.

    Customize fields and layouts

  3. Scroll down to the Ticket Layout section, identify two unused Custom_# entries and for each one:
    1. Click the edit icon on the far right.
    2. For the Label, enter Email Bomgar Invite and Get Bomgar Key, respectively.
    3. For Permissions, select Owners Only - Hidden from Users.
  4. Scroll down to the Custom Fields section of the same page.
    1. Change Field Type of the Custom_# of the Email Bomgar Invite label to Checkbox and save the field.
    2. Change Field Type of the Custom_# for Get Bomgar Key to Link and save the field.
    3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save.

Once you have configured the above ticket fields, all tickets for the configured queue will display the necessary controls to email Bomgar session invites and generate Bomgar session keys.

Note: None of the ticket field controls configured in this section will become active until the ticket rules are configured as described in the Ticket Rules section of this guide.