Integration Client Prerequisites

There are several prerequisites to run the integration client:

  • A Bomgar site running version 10.2 or later
  • Credentials for an account on this site with permissions to view all reports and recordings, to use the reporting API, and Administrator permissions to download site backups
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or later
  • A Windows machine (XP or later) with access to both the external system to which data is to be transferred and the Bomgar site from which data is to be extracted
  • The XML API interface enabled from the /login > Management > API Configuration page (/login > Management > Security prior to 14.2)
  • Storage space sufficient to retain all desired recordings, session data, and backups.

The SQL Server has an additional set of requirements:

  • Microsoft SQL Server Database 2008, 2008 R2, or 2012 Standard Edition or above. If you are running an earlier version of SQL Server, contact Bomgar Technical Support to determine if the database can be configured for your environment. Bomgar suggests a size of 100 GBs for the server database.
  • Permission to create tables and execute INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE and SELECT statements in a specific database

You may download the integration client installer from the "Downloads" page in the Bomgar Self-Service Center, or request it from Bomgar Technical Support: