Bomgar Prerequisites for HP Service Manager Integration


You must purchase this integration separately from both your Bomgar software and your HP Service Manager solution. For more information, contact Bomgar sales.

Enable the Bomgar API on Your Site

This information is included to provide the general developer assistance getting started.

Management > API Configuration
API :: Configuration

  1. The Bomgar Appliance used in this integration requires Bomgar Version 10.4 or above. If prior to 14.2, it must be equipped with Enterprise licensing. The Enable XML API Interface box is checked on the Management > API Configuration page of your Bomgar /login interface.

    Note: Prior to 14.2, the Enable XML API setting is found on the Management > Security page.

    Note: HTTP access to the API is normally disabled. Enable this access only if your site does not have a valid/trusted SSL certificate.

  2. Create a special Bomgar user account to be used for this integration. Give this user a password that does not need to be reset, and enable all necessary permissions in the user account such as the ability to view all reports, allowed to use reporting API, allowed to use command API, generate session keys, and participate in the general queue. For simplicity, you can make this user an administrator with all permissions enabled, although this is not required.
  3. After saving the user account, edit the account and check the box so that the password does not expire.

Test API Calls

The following test API calls may be used to verify that the permissions for the API user account are set appropriately and that the API is enabled.

*Within the below calls, replace the example strings in brackets (< >) with the URL for your site and the user name and password for the API account created in the previous steps.

Verify that your API is enabled:

Verify that you can generate a session key via the API (**this command will not work if you have your general queue disabled):

Verify that you can pull Bomgar session reporting using the reporting API:

Note: For additional information concerning the Bomgar API, please visit and look for the API Programmer's Guide.

Note: As of 14.2, the file extension .ns has been deprecated from the command and reporting API calls. However, the deprecated methods are still available for backward compatibility.