Add the Outbound Event URL for the HP Service Manager Integration


You must purchase this integration separately from both your Bomgar software and your HP Service Manager solution. For more information, contact Bomgar sales.

Bomgar will notify your HPSM instance when a session completes, customer exit survey completes, or when a representative survey completes, by using outbound events. When the outbound events executes it notifies and provides HPSM with the appropriate information to pull the relevant session data into the corresponding ticket within HPSM.

Management > Outbound Events
Bomgar Login Interface Outbound Event Recipients Screen

Add Outbound Event URL in Bomgar Application

  1. Login into Bomgar app as an administrator using http://<bomgar server>/login
  2. Click Management > Outbound Events
  3. Click Add New Recipients
  4. Enter Name, URL and Event to Send as shown below
  5. Click Add Recipients button at the bottom

Note: The URL will be in the following format:

<Protocol>://<Mid-Tier Server Name>/ BomgarIntegration/BomgarService

  • Protocol – http/https
  • Mid-Tier Server - The server name/IP address where Mid-Tier/connector has been deployed

e.g., The sample URL is BomgarIntegration/BomgarService

Note: Your Bomgar Appliance will need network connectivity to the Mid-Tier server on the necessary port. Please coordinate with your network administrator for any firewall considerations.