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BMC Remedy Integration Guide


You must purchase this integration separately from both your Bomgar software and your BMC Remedy solution. For more information, contact Bomgar sales.

Integration Summary

The Bomgar and BMC Remedy integration enables you to initiate a support session from BMC Remedy and at the end of the session, to update the incident with the following information:

  1. Chat Transcript (including files transferred, special actions, and other events)
  2. System Information (General section plus other select details such as disk, memory, and network)
  3. Session Notes
  4. Exit Surveys (Customer and Representative)

High Level Integration Information

Data Source: Bomgar Support Software

Data Destination: BMC Remedy

Direction: Both-Way

Push/Pull: Push and Pull

Integration Mechanism: Bomgar API and BMC Remedy Web Service



This guide contains information for BMC Remedy 8.x .