API Script Command: start_vpro_session

The start_vpro_session command initiates a vPro session on the target machine using the specified Jumpoint.

Required Parameters for the start_vpro_session Command


The hostname or IP address of the machine targeted for a vPro session.


The Jumpoint through which to start the vPro session. This Jumpoint must be on the same subnet as the target computer and must be configured for vPro support.

Note: To initiate a vPro session using Bomgar Client Scripting, you must specify the target machine's hostname or private IP. (If Kerberos is used for vPro authentication, then the fully qualified domain name must be specified.) The Jumpoint name must also be specified. See the query examples below.

Optional Parameter for the start_vpro_session Command

session.custom.external_key=[string] The external key to associate with the support session started with the session key or URL shown on the Generate Session Key dialog. This field has a maximum length of 1024 characters.

Query Examples: start_vpro_session

Start a vPro session with the computer "ABCDEF02" through the Jumpoint "Network01" https://support.example.com/api/client_script?type=rep&operation=generate&action=start_vpro_session&target=ABCDEF02&jumpoint=Network01