API Script Command: push_and_start_local

The push_and_start_local command attempts to push the customer client to a computer on the local network to start a support session. This can also be described as a local Jump.

Required Parameter for push_and_start_local

hostname=[string] The hostname of the computer that is the target of the push and start operation. This field has a maximum length of 255 characters.

Optional Parameter for push_and_start_local

session.custom.external_key=[string] The external key to associate with the support session started with the session key or URL shown on the Generate Session Key dialog. This field has a maximum length of 1024 characters.

Query Examples: push_and_start_local

Jump to the local network computer "ABCDEF02" https://support.example.com/api/client_script?type=rep&operation=generate&action=push_and_start_local&hostname=ABCDEF02
Jump to the local network computer "ABCDEF02" and pass an external key https://support.example.com/api/client_script?type=rep&operation=generate&action=push_and_start_local&hostname=ABCDEF02&session.custom.external_key=BMC0000001275