Prioritize Security Providers: RADIUS Servers and Others

Security Providers Page

  1. Once you have set up your security providers, you can configure the order in which your Bomgar Appliance attempts to authenticate users. On the Security Providers page, drag and drop the configured providers to set their default priority. Clustered servers move as one unit and can be prioritized within the cluster.
  2. After making changes to the default order of priority, click the Save Changes button.
  3. By default, security providers are set to Try Next Server if an authentication attempt is unsuccessful for any reason. For more complex configuration options, click Edit for a server or cluster.


Edit RADIUS Server Configuration

  1. Three authentication failure scenarios are given.

If Authentication Fails – The Bomgar Appliance can reach this server, but the supplied credentials are incorrect.

If the Provider Is Unreachable – The Bomgar Appliance is unable to communicate with this server.

If the User Is Not Found – A search is made for a user in this server and the user cannot be located.

  1. For each of the above scenarios, set what action should be taken.

Try Next Server – Go to the next server in the list of configured providers and attempt authentication.

Deny Login – Disallow the user to log in.

Try a Specific Server: [Server Name] – Go to the specified server and attempt authentication. This select list contains an option for each configured security provider or cluster.

  1. Set If Authentication Succeeds either to allow login or to search for the groups to which that user belongs within a specified group provider. You MUST select Lookup groups with: [Server Name] in order to link users with their associated groups.

IMPORTANT: In order to define group policies or embassies based upon groups within a remote server, you must first configure a user provider and a separate group provider and then enable group lookup from the user provider's Edit page. Multiple user providers can look up groups from one group provider.