Create the Kerberos Security Provider

Users & Security > Security Providers
Security Providers Page

  1. Go to /login > Users & Security > Security Providers.
  2. Click the Configure New Provider button.


Add Kerberos Server

  1. Enter a name to uniquely identify this security provider configuration. When multiple security providers are configured, this name is used to distinguish this provider from others.
  1. To authenticate users against an existing Kerberos server, select Kerberos as the server type and Users as the service type. Selecting Users indicates that individual users in the external directory store can use their existing credentials to authenticate to Bomgar.
  1. To aid in configuring the network connection between your Bomgar Appliance and your security provider, you can select a server-specific configuration. These configuration templates pre-populate the configuration fields on the next web page with standard data but must be modified to match your security provider's specific configuration.
  1. Click Add Provider to move on to the next page. You should now be ready to configure the connection between your Bomgar Appliance and your security provider.