Test the Settings of the Security Provider Cluster

  1. Click Edit by the server profile on the Security Providers page.

Test Settings

  1. Click Test Settings at the bottom of the page and enter the username and password for an account that exists on at least one of the clustered servers you are testing. This account must match the criteria for login specified during server setup.
  2. The cluster will test its member servers according to its operating mode, either in order of priority or at random. If the first attempted server is properly configured and you have entered a valid test username and password, you will receive a success message. Otherwise, the cluster will attempt the next security provider.

    If the test username and password properly bind to any of the servers, you will receive a success message, even if the other servers are improperly configured. You will receive an error message only if you are unable to bind to any of the clustered servers. In the case of an error message, click Show Details for a log that will help in debugging the problem.

Note: For further help, see the Troubleshooting section in the document for the type of servers in your cluster.