Updates: Check for Update Availability and Install Software


Automatic Support Updates

The appliance periodically checks for critical updates and emails the admin contact person when updates are available. You can select if you want the updates to install automatically and use the dropdown menu to select a time for the installation.

Updates requiring an appliance reboot or the interruption of services are excluded from the automatic update process unless you check the box to include them.

Updates :: Check

Bomgar will continue to notify you of the latest builds as they become available. Whenever you receive notification that new update packages have been built for your appliance, clicking the Check for Updates button will locate the packages and make them available for you to install.

Updates :: Check

If multiple software packages have been built for your appliance, each one will be listed separately in the list of available updates. Your new software is automatically downloaded and installed when you click the appropriate Install This Update button.


Updates :: Manual Installation

Updates :: Appliance Download Key

It is not mandatory to use this Check for Updates feature. If your appliance is not internet-facing or if your organization's security policy does not allow for automatic update functionality, you can manually check for updates. Click the Appliance Download Key link to generate a unique appliance key, and then, from a non-restricted system, submit that key to Bomgar's update server at update.bomgar.com. Download any available updates to a removable storage device and then transfer those updates to a system from which you can manage your appliance.

After downloading a software package, browse to the file from the Manual Installation section, and then click the Update Software button to complete the installation.

Note: Please be prepared to install software updates directly after download. Once an update has been downloaded, it will no longer appear in your list of available updates. Should you need to redownload a software update, contact Bomgar Technical Support.

When the Bomgar End User License Agreement (EULA) screen appears, fill out the required contact information and click the Agree-Begin Download button to accept the EULA and continue the installation. If you have multiple appliances with the same site configuration (either for failover or for ATLAS) you will only need to accept the EULA once. If you acquire your updates via download.bomgar.com, the EULA acceptance process is identical.

Note that if you chose to decline the EULA, an error message displays and you will not be able to update your Bomgar software.

If you have any issues updating after accepting the EULA, please contact Bomgar Technical Support at help.bomgar.com.

During the installation process, the Updates page will display a progress bar to notify you of the overall update progress. Updates made here will automatically update all sites and licenses on your Bomgar Appliance.

Support Updates Install

If you are installing a software update, logged-in representatives will temporarily lose connections to any support sessions and the representative console; therefore, schedule software updates for non-peak hours. However, if your update package contains only additional licenses, you can install the update without interrupting representative connections.

Find current information about the latest Bomgar updates at http://www.bomgar.com/support/changelog.