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Bomgar Virtual Appliance Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of the questions frequently asked about administering the Virtual Appliance and answers to these questions from Bomgar Technical Support.

Can I install VMware tools onto my Bomgar Virtual Appliance?

The Bomgar Virtual Appliance ships with the VMware guest tools pre-installed.

Can a time skew between my ESXi host and my Bomgar Virtual Appliance cause connectivity issues?

Yes, any time difference between the Bomgar Virtual Appliance and the host ESXi server can cause connectivity issues. To prevent this, specify a valid NTP source in the Virtual Appliance /appliance interface as well as ensuring that your ESXi host is using a valid NTP source. VMware also has an option to sync the guest OS time with the host ESXi server time. If you use this option, then the NTP source within the Bomgar Virtual Appliance does NOT need to be set. It is recommended to use one method or the other but NOT both together.

What version of VMware is supported to host the Bomgar Virtual Appliance?

Bomgar certifies support for VMware vCenter 5.0+, Virtual Hardware Version 7+

Does the Bomgar Virtual Appliance require reserved resources in VMware?

For troubleshooting purposes, a Bomgar Technical Support representative may require the Bomgar Virtual Appliance to have reserved resources to effectively diagnosis a support issue.

Does Bomgar support using the VMware snapshot functionality?

Bomgar supports the use of the snapshot technology only in upgrade situations. A snapshot of a powered-off Bomgar Virtual Appliance can be taken prior to an upgrade and can be utilized as a fallback in the case of a failed upgrade.

Note: Bomgar does not recommend or support taking snapshots of actively running Virtual Appliances.

Can I run the Bomgar Virtual Appliance in my clustered VWware environment?

Yes, when installed in a vSphere cluster, the Bomgar Virtual Appliance can benefit from many of VMware’s value-added technologies, such as VMotion, DRS, and HA, to maximize performance and uptime.

Can I specify an alternate disk for recordings?

Yes, in some cases you may want to separate the disks for recordings if your VMware environment has tiered storage. Add a third disk to your Bomgar Virtual Appliance and reboot. Once the Bomgar Virtual Appliance is rebooted, the third disk will be provisioned and used for recordings.

The virtual hardware of my Bomgar Virtual Appliance is currently on an old version and needs to be upgraded. What are Bomgar's recommendations for virtual hardware version upgrades?

Bomgar certifies support for VMware vCenter 5.0+, Virtual Hardware Version 7+

If your configuration does not match one of the above configurations, Bomgar does recommend updating the virtual hardware version of your Bomgar Virtual Appliance.