Import the Virtual Appliance Files to the VMware Inventory

  1. Log into your Virtual Infrastructure Client with an account that has Datastore Administrator privileges.
  2. Go to Inventory and click Datastores to view a list of all configured datastores. Select the datastore in which you wish to install your Bomgar Virtual Appliance.
  3. Click Browse Datastore to open the datastore browser.
  4. Create a new folder to house your Virtual Appliance files.
  5. Select the new folder that you just created and then select Upload > Upload File.


  1. Browse to the directory where you saved and extracted your Bomgar Virtual Appliance files.
  2. One by one, select the files and, when prompted, click OK to queue them for import into your VMware inventory. Do NOT add the self-extracting Bomgar B300v.vmdk.7z.exe file. Note that the two .vmdk files will consolidate into one as both are imported.
  3. In your datastore directory, right-click on Bomgar B300v.vmx and select Add to Inventory.


  1. Apply a name to the virtual appliance in the Name field, select the VM folder in which you want the Bomgar Virtual Appliance to reside, and click Next. The name of the vmx file will auto-fill the name field by default.


  1. Select the Host or Cluster that should host this Virtual Appliance and click Next.


  1. Optionally, select a resource pool to which to add your Virtual Appliance and click Next.


  1. Review the information on the summary page and then click Finish.