SSL Certificate Requirement

Before Bomgar can provide your custom software package, your Bomgar Appliance will need to have a valid SSL certificate installed that matches the DNS A-record (hostname) you’ve selected for your Bomgar Support site.

Your Bomgar Appliance requires one of the following to be configured:1For your protection, please do not send your Private Key to Bomgar Support. Please ensure that the Private Key as well as the associated passphrase are kept in a secure, well-documented location.

  • Certificate Authority signed SSL certificate matching your selected hostname. A CA-signed SSL certificate is required to use Bomgar with mobile devices.
  • Self-Signed SSL certificate matching your selected hostname

Once your valid SSL Certificate is installed to your Bomgar Appliance, please email Bomgar Support a screenshot of the Status > Basics page from the /appliance interface:

Status > Basics
Appliance Statistics

For additional information about generating and uploading SSL certificates, please see