Check for Updates to Install Bomgar Software

While you are waiting for the email confirmation for your software license package, you may wish to install your Bomgar Appliance in its permanent location on your network. Refer to Appendix I as needed.

You will be unable to run Check for Updates nor can you access the /login administrative interface until the appliance has been installed. To send you your Software License Package, Bomgar Support must register your Bomgar Appliance on the Bomgar update servers. Bomgar Support requires a screenshot of the Status > Basics page of the new appliance. Save a screenshot of the Status > Basics page from the /appliance interface, attach it to an email and send it to

Status > Basics

Appliance Statistics

Once you have received an email from Bomgar Support notifying you that your software has been built, go to the Support > Updates page.

Support > Updates

Updates :: Check

Click Check for Updates.


You should see an update that will load your Bomgar software and licenses. Click Install This Update.

Available Updates

Note: You can also download and install this software manually. If you need the manual software files, please contact Bomgar Support. For more information, see Management of the Administrative User's Guide.