Skills: Route Issues to Representatives

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Skills are the areas of expertise covered by your representatives. As an administrator, you need to create a list of these skills, which are ranked in broad categories according to their importance. These root skills can be assigned a number of sub-skills. For instance, the root skill for "Antivirus"can contain a list of common antivirus programs, each a particular sub-skill necessary to properly address a customer support issue dealing with antivirus-related problems.

Representatives associated with a given skill are listed on the right. If no representative is associated with a skill, click on the Users page link to configure skills for each user.


Creating Skills

Note: In order to be able to create and edit skills, this permission has to be set per user. Go to Users and Security > User Accounts, scroll down to the Permissions section, and make sure Allowed to Edit Skills permission is checked. Administrators are automatically granted this permission.

Add new root skill

To begin, you need to create a list of skills. To start, add a few general categories, or root skills. On the Configuration > Skills page, click New Root Skill, then enter a display name and a code name. The code name is for internal use only.


New skill added to root

Next add skills under the new root skill. The new root skills and their sub-categories display in the Skills tree.

You can use the orange arrows to expand or collapse each section.


Changing skills ranking

Root skills are ranked sequentially from more critical to less critical. When Equilibrium is enabled, the system will try first to match all the root skills, but if that is not possible, it will begin to peel away lower ranking skills first, one at a time, until a match is found. If you need to change a root skill's rank, click on Change Ranking and you will now be able to drag and drop skills into their new positions.

Once created, skills can be assigned to representatives from the User Accounts page. See User Accounts: Add User Permissions for a Representative or Admin

Bulk Import

Bulk import

When dealing with a larger number of representatives and/or skill sets, it may be easier to assign skills to representatives using bulk import. Use Import User Skills to upload a CSV file with the usernames and associated skills. The CSV file should use the following format:

  • "username1", "skill_code_name"
  • "username1", "skill_code_name2"
  • "username2", "skill_code_name"
  • Please note that the skills listed for a given representative on the import file will override any skills already associated with that user. If you need to remove all associated skills with a particular user, leave the skill code name empty (“username3”, “”).