Rep Console Settings: Manage Default Rep Console Settings Per Site

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Manage Rep Console Settings

You can configure the default representative console settings for your entire support desk, applying a consistent representative console user experience and increasing team efficiency. You can force settings, allow settings to be overridden by the representative, or leave settings unmanaged. If you select Unmanaged, the Bomgar default setting will be displayed alongside for your consideration.

Choose the settings you want to be the default for your representatives, and click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

Each Enable or Disable setting provides an administrative checkbox option to become a forced setting. Forced settings take effect on the representative's next login and do not allow configuration in the representative console. Unforced settings may be overridden by a support representative using the settings window in the representative console. A forced setting cannot be overridden unless an administrator deselects the Forced checkbox option for that setting in the /login administrative interface.

Note that saved settings take effect only upon login to the representative console. Even if you save and apply the changes by clicking the Apply Now button at the bottom of the page, detailed later, the representative will not use the new settings until login.

If, for instance, you wish to set up default settings for new representatives but leave existing representatives' settings unchanged, save your managed settings but do not apply them. This will make it so all new representative console logins will begin with your managed default settings. Existing representatives will have forced settings applied upon next login, but all other settings will remain unchanged.


Global Settings

Manage Rep Console Settings-Global

From the Global Settings section, you may choose to enable or disable spell check for chat and session notes. Currently, spell check is available for US English only.

If automatic session assignment is disabled on login, then the representative will not be assigned sessions automatically until they choose to opt in.

In the Quick Start Buttons subsection, enabling Start Session displays a Start button at the top of the representative console. Clicking this button walks the representative through the ways your customer can start a support session. Session Key displays a session key generation button, and Bomgar Buttons displays a button to launch the Bomgar Button management interface. Jump To, RDP, and Shell Jump display buttons to launch those respective Jump connections. Intel® vPro displays a button to launch access to a provisioned vPro Jumpoint. Start Presentation allows the representative to easily start a new presentation.


Alerts :: Chat Messages

Manage Rep Console Settings-Alerts

Choose alert settings for chat messages. When the representative receives a chat message, he or she can hear a sound and see the application icon flash. Note that if the audible alert is enabled and unforced or is left unmanaged, the representative will be able to upload a custom sound in WAV format no larger than 1MB.


Alerts :: Queue Alerts

Manage Rep Console Settings-Queue

You may manage how the representative is alerted when a session enters or is overdue in a queue. You can choose if a sound is played or the icon flashes when a session enters any of a representative's queues or when a session is overdue in a team queue. You can also set if a representative should be prompted when a session enters his or her personal queue.


Manage Rep Console Settings-Popup Notifications

In the Popup Notifications subsection, you can manage which events give the representative a popup notification, and set the default location and duration of the popup. These notifications appear independent of the representative console and on top of other windows. If the popup notification is enabled and not forced or left unmanaged, the representative will be able to choose how he or she receives popup notifications.


Manage Rep Console Settings-Assignment Alerts

The Support Session Assignment Alerts subsection allows you to choose if you want your representatives to hear an alert when a support session is automatically assigned to them. Additionally, choose if you want them to be alerted when an automatically assigned session invitation is about to expire, with either an audio file or the system beep. If enabled and not forced or unmanaged, they will be able to designate a custom sound for session assignments.

Support Sessions :: Automatic Behavior

Manage Rep Console Settings-Automatic Behavior

Choose whether you want your representatives' support sessions to begin with chat only or to immediately request screen sharing.

Choose if you want to open sessions as tabs in the representative console or to automatically detach sessions into new windows.

Choose whether to automatically elevate the customer client to run as a system service when the representative executes a local network jump.

For situations where representatives may encounter support issues due to a customer's having enabled secure desktop, you can allow your representatives to be prompted to elevate to run with administrative rights when the session begins.

Support Sessions :: Support Tools

Manage Rep Console Settings-Support Tools

In the Screen Sharing subsection, set the default quality and size for screen sharing sessions. When screen sharing starts, the representative can automatically enter full screen mode, which in turn can automatically collapse the chat bar.

In the Show My Screen subsection, set if the representative console should automatically minimize when the representative shows his or her screen to a customer during a session. When a representative shows his or her screen to a customer during a session, you can choose to leave the representative console open or to minimize it to the representative's taskbar.

In the Command Shell subsection, you can set the number of lines to save in the command shell history. The default value is 500 lines.

Click Save to save all of the profile settings you have configured. The confirmation message Settings profile was successfully saved will appear at the top of the page. All representatives who log into the representative console after you save a new profile will receive the new settings as the site default settings.

Manage Rep Console Settings-Apply Settings Across Site

If you wish to push the default settings to your entire support desk, click Apply Now in the Apply Managed Rep Console Settings section. The top of the page displays a confirmation message, Settings profile was successfully applied.

Rep Console Settings Changed Alert

After applying new settings to your support team, the support representatives will receive an alert dialog for confirmation when they first log into the representative console after you apply the settings. The dialog warns them that their settings have changed and prompts them with the option to open their representative console settings window to review the changes or to acknowledge the dialog.