Outbound Events: Set Events to Trigger Messages

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Outbound Events

You can configure your Bomgar Appliance to send messages to an HTTP server or to an email address when different events are triggered. Triggers for messages to both HTTP servers and email recipients can be any of the following:

  • Support session end
  • Customer exit survey is completed
  • Representative exit survey is completed

In addition to the above triggers, HTTP recipients also have these triggers available for messages:

  • Support session start
  • Support session ownership changes
  • Someone joins a support session
  • Someone leaves a support session

Within the Email Recipients section, the Current Status displays a brief status message from the SMTP relay server. As long as the appliance is able to send messages to the relay server, the status will show OK. Otherwise, review your SMTP relay server settings. Also, if an event continues to retry and fail, set how long it should continue to retry before being dropped.

HTTP Recipients

Outbound Events :: Add HTTP Recipient

The variables sent by the Bomgar Appliance arrive as an HTTP POST method and can be accessed by calling the method used to retrieve POST data in your coding language. If the server does not respond with an HTTP 200 to indicate success, the Bomgar Appliance will re-queue the current event and retry it later.

When configuring an outbound event handler, create a friendly name for the handler and enter the destination URL. If you are operating over an HTTPS connection, you must upload the certificate authority's root certificate advertised by the outbound event server.

Set how often to retry a failed attempt. If an event continues to retry and fail, set how long it should continue to retry before being dropped.

Enter one or more email addresses to which notification should be sent if an error should occur. Set how long after an error the email should be sent; if the problem is resolved before this time is reached and the event succeeds, no error notification will be sent. You can also set how often error emails should be sent if a failed status should continue.

For a detailed look at the different variables that can be sent, please see the Outbound Events Reference Guide, available at www.bomgar.com/docs.

Email Recipients

Outbound Events :: Add Email Recipient

Before you set up your Bomgar Appliance to send event messages to an email address, verify that your Bomgar Appliance is configured to work with your SMTP relay server. Go to the Email Configuration page to verify settings.

Create a friendly name for the event handler and enter the email address to receive notice of the selected event(s). You can configure up to 10 email addresses, separated by commas. Use the Disabled checkbox to quickly stop the emails for the event handler you set up, as in the event of planned integration testing, for instance.

Configure event emails for Support Session End, Customer Exit Survey is Completed, and Representative Exit Survey is Completed. For each event email, select from listed macros you may use to customize the content of the email for your purposes.