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Managing support issues

Create support issues to streamline your customers' experience when requesting support on the public portal. Issues created may be configured to appear on the dropdown menu of the issue submission form and comprise a list of the support problems most likely to be experienced by your customers.

Note: Since support issues need to be routed to Support Teams (see Support Teams: Group Representatives into Teams), you need to create teams before you create support issues. If you wish to associate skills with that issue, you need to create them first as well (see Skills: Route Issues to Representatives).


Add new support issue

Click Add New Support Issue to create a new issue. Give it a title and a code name. Then use the Route To dropdown menu to have that issue routed to a specific team. Set the issue's priority to High, Medium, or Low, depending on how you want the issue to be handled by the system. The default is Medium.

Next, check the box if you want to allow representatives to request help for this support issue while in a session. If checked, the issue is listed in the Request Help flyout window of the representative console when the Session Sharing option is selected.

Issues can be associated with the skills needed to best resolve them. Skills can be More Preferred, Less Preferred, or Ignored, depending on the level of knowledge required to resolve a given issue. This will determine how support requests are routed and handled by the system.