Surveys: Enable the Customer Exit Survey and Representative Survey

Public Portals > Exit Surveys

Public Portals > Exit Surveys

Configure questions to implement in customer and representative exit surveys, useful in monitoring satisfaction levels and incident resolution rates. Questions are assigned to a support site’s surveys from the Public Sites page. (See Public Sites: Customize the Support Portal.)


Customer Exit Survey :: Edit Question

Choose from several types of questions, including radio buttons, check boxes, dropdown menus, text boxes, and text areas. Enter the question text as you would like it to appear on the survey. Then assign it a name for internal formatting and a header to identify it on your survey reports.

You may also define CSS styles and classes and an HTML ID for each question. These options are provided for web development. Users unfamiliar with HTML and CSS are recommended to leave these fields blank.

Choose the order in which you would like the question to appear on the survey. If you select Appear on Default Public Site, this question will automatically be added to the survey for your default support site. Because only ten questions can appear on any given survey, you will receive an error if you attempt to save a question that would exceed this limit on your default site survey. To create a question for use on another survey, deselect the check box and then save.

Add multiple options to a radio button group, a check box group, or a dropdown menu by clicking the Add Option button. For each option, assign a display value that will appear to the customer and a logged value that will be saved in the exit survey reports.

You can also choose to have an option selected by default and can set the order in which these options will appear below the question. For a dropdown menu, you can choose to allow multiple selections.

For a text box or text input area, set the size of the text entry field. You may also insert default text into the field.

For representative surveys, set if the representative should be required to answer the question before closing the session.