Email Configuration: Configure the Software to Send Emails

Management > Email Configuration

Configuration :: Email Address

Note: If an appliance is designated as a backup appliance or a traffic node, the email configuration for that appliance will be overwritten with the email configuration defined on the primary master appliance.

From Address

Set the email address from which automatic messages from your Bomgar Appliance will be sent.

Configuration :: SMTP Relay Server

Configure your Bomgar Appliance to work with your SMTP relay server in order to send automatic email notifications of certain events.

SMTP Relay Server

Enter the hostname or IP address of your SMTP relay server.


Set the SMTP port to contact this server on.

SMTP Encryption

If your SMTP server supports SSL encryption, choose SSL or TLS. Otherwise, select None.

SMTP Username

If your SMTP server requires authentication, enter a username.

SMTP Password

If your SMTP server requires authentication, enter a password.

Configuration :: Admin Contact

Default Admin Contact Email Addresses

Enter one or more email addresses to which emails should be sent. Separate addresses with a space.

Send a test email when the settings are saved

If you wish to receive an immediate test email to verify that your SMTP settings are accurately configured, check this option before clicking the Save Changes button.

Send Daily Communication Notice

You can have the Bomgar Appliance send a daily notification to ensure that alert communication is working correctly.