Customer Notices: Create Messages for the Customer Notification System

Public Portals > Customer Notices

Public Site :: Important Messages

Notify customers, as they are requesting support, of broadly impacting IT outages to avoid flooding your Bomgar representatives. These messages can be set to expire at a pre-determined time and applied to one or more public portals.

Administrators and authorized representatives can create up to 10 messages per portal, with each message allowed up to 1,020 characters.

Although messages are not configurable per language, you can create different messages for the languages supported on the same portal.

Permission to edit notices

Administrators can create and edit customer notices and also can grant this right to representatives without administrative privileges.


Customer Notices

The Customer Notices page offers a centralized location from which you can create, edit and manage all customer notices.


Add Customer Notice

Creating a Customer Notice

To create a new customer notice click Add New Customer Notice. Enter a name for the notice and the text that will display on the public portal or the customer chat window.

Although HTML tags are not allowed, you can use BBCode to do some low level formatting, such as adding bold, colors or hyperlinks. Clicking on Supported BBCode Formatting displays a list of codes and their resulting applications.

Enter a date for the notice expiration. If you select Never Expires the notice will remain on your site until it is manually deleted. Expired notices are automatically deleted 24 hours after their expiration date. Finally, if you have more than one public site, select which ones will display the notice. You can select multiple portals.

Note: Messages should be relatively short so they can be viewed without much scrolling in the customer client windows. This applies to both the native client and click-to-chat modes.

Once created, customer notices can be displayed either in the public portal, so that customers get the information they need before even attempting to initiate a session, or in the customer client chat window, so they appear at the beginning of a session.

Customer Client Notices

Display Customer Notices in Customer Client

To display the notices in the chat window, go the Public Portals > Customer Client page and select Display Customer Notices in Customer Client.


Customer Notice in Customer Client Window

The notices will display when the session begins or when a notice is specifically sent, giving customers the chance to leave the session if they are experiencing the problem described therein.

Customers leaving the session in this manner are not taken to the Exit Survey page, since no service was actually provided by a representative. In the session log, the reason for leaving the session does not affect negatively the survey metrics, since the customer leaves the session because no assistance is needed.


Send Customer Notice

It is also possible to push a customer notice to the customer client chat window even when a session is already in progress. To do this, select or create a new message and click Send.


Public Site Notices

Display Customer Notices

Alternatively, you can opt to display customer notices on the public site. On the Public Portals > Public Sites page, select Display Customer Notices.


Public Site :: Important Messages

If this option is selected, the notices are displayed on the public portal, warning customers of potential problems they may be experiencing and for which no support may be needed at this time. This way customers never enter the support queue, thus allowing representatives to dedicate their attention to customers who need assistance.

Note: The same customer notice can be used across several sites, or on a custom portal. The XML for the public portal contains a section where all current notifications are shown. This ensures that messages are always in sync across several sites.