Canned Messages: Create Messages for Chat

Configuration > Canned Messages

Canned Messages

Create canned messages to be used in chat sessions. Using canned messages can decrease response time and help to standardize communication between representatives and customers. Filter your view of canned messages by selecting a category or team from the dropdown at the top of the page.


Canned Messages :: Edit Category

The first step in managing canned messages is to create categories by which to organize your messages. Click Add New Category. Then enter a name for the category, optionally selecting a parent category. Once the category has been created, editing it will show you its child categories and messages.


Canned Messages :: Add Message

To create a new message, click Add New Canned Message. Enter a name for the message and the text that will display in the chat.

Although HTML tags are not allowed, you can use BBCode to do some low level formatting, such as adding bold, colors or hyperlinks. Clicking on Supported BBCode Formatting displays a list of codes and their resulting applications.

Select the category under which this message should appear, and then select which support teams should be able to use this canned message.

Note: Messages should be relatively short so they can be viewed without much scrolling in the customer client windows. This applies to both the native client and click-to-chat modes.