API Configuration: Enable the XML API and Configure Custom Fields

Management > API Configuration

API :: Configuration

Choose to enable the Bomgar XML API, allowing you to run reports and issue commands such as starting or transferring sessions from external applications, as well as to automatically back up your software configuration.

Note: Only the Command, Reporting, and Client Scripting API calls are enabled/disabled by this setting. Other API calls are configured under Public Portals. See the API Programmer's Guide for more details.

By default, access to the API is SSL-encrypted. However, you can choose to allow unencrypted HTTP access. It is highly recommended that HTTP access be disallowed as a security best practice.

API :: Custom Session Attributes

Create custom API fields to gather information about your customer, enabling you to more deeply integrate Bomgar in your support center. To create a new field, click Create New Attribute. You may create up to 30 custom fields.


API :: Custom Session Attributes :: Add

Enter a Display Name that may be displayed in the representative console. Set a code name for integration purposes. If you do not set a code name, one will be created automatically.

If you check Show in Rep Console, this field and its values will be visible wherever custom session details are displayed in the representative console.

Custom fields must be used in combination with the Bomgar API. See the API Programmer's Guide for more details.