Javelin Technologies

Javelin Technologies: Exceptionally Secure Remote Support Enhances Troubleshooting and the Customer Experience


Javelin Technologies

Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Ontario, Canada, Javelin Technologies is a provider of technology solutions for mechanical design, electrical design and 3D printing. Javelin is Canada’s leading value-added reseller of SolidWorks mechanical and electrical design software and Stratasys 3D Printers, and serves a wide range of markets from mining, oil, gas, and heavy equipment to consumer products, automotive,
aerospace and healthcare. Javelin has helped thousands of companies that require software to engineer and design products or solutions.

As a provider of leading-edge engineering and design software, the company considers exceptional customer support a priority. Prior to Bomgar, Javelin’s 18 support representatives did not have a remote support solution in place to serve the company’s approximately 3,500 customers and 14,000 end users. Instead, troubleshooting customer issues entailed a cumbersome process of emailing screenshots and asking end users a series of questions in an attempt to diagnose their issue. The process was time consuming and had limited effectiveness, leading the technical staff to look for a remote support solution to enhance support capabilities and the customer experience.

“Before we had a remote support solution, troubleshooting issues by phone and email was a difficult process,” said Adam Harte-Maxwell, technical support manager for Javelin Technologies. “There could be any number of reasons why an end user might have trouble installing our software or using it. Something as simple as a video driver being out of date could result in an issue. We had to ask end users several questions
about their device to try and resolve the problem and could not always obtain reliable answers from them. Another complication was the fact that English is not the first language for many of our users. We knew we needed a better way to provide remote support to our customers.”

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