Cheshire and Merseyside Commissioning Support Unit

Chesire and Merseyside Commissioning Support Unit: Making A Shift To Secure Remote Support


Cheshire and Merseyside Commissioning Support Unit

Change is a constant in large organisations, and the National Health Service (NHS) is no exception. The most recent change has come with the development of Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) – bodies
that are led by clinicians and responsible for the management of delivering services to patients.

To support the CCGs in their operations, new organisations called Commissioning Support Units have been developed. These are shared services bodies that offer a range of services that CCGs may require,
from management of finance and operations procedures through to IT support.

Cheshire and Merseyside Commissioning Support Unit (CMCSU) was itself formed through the merger of several previous organisations. It provides support for over 20,000 NHS staff across the region, including
clinical staff at 12 CCG organisations, two area teams for the National Commissioning Board and a range of social care, public health and community care professionals. Overall, it is responsible for supporting
11,000 devices in 218 different locations.

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