More Than 8,500+ Customers Have Transformed Their Support Operations with Bomgar

Bomgar forms sustainable partnerships with our customers to ensure they implement best practices and accelerate the achievement of their IT support goals - whether their objectives are to improve operational efficiency, reduce overall IT support costs, strengthen security or increase customer satisfaction.

Our customers regularly experience a:

  • 20-30% increase in staff productivity
  • 35-45% improvement of first call resolution
  • 25-50% reduction of incident handling
  • 10+% improvement in customer satisfaction

Acme Truck Line: Transportation Company Reduces On-Site Support Visits 90% with Remote Support Appliance

With approximately twenty percent its 500 employees located outside the company network, ACME Truck Line's seven-man tech support team required an effective solution for remote support. Bomgar's architecture enables ACME to support all of its employees, whether they are located inside or outside of the company network. Read More


Activant: Tier-2 Call Center Gets Customers Back to Business Faster with Remote Support

Activant plans to expand the use of Bomgar in their support organization even more. They are currently working on initiatives that include introducing the use of Jump Technology for connecting to unattended systems and integrating a customer support knowledgebase. Read More

Antek: Healthcare Software Provider Alleviates Support Rep Frustration

With more than 40,000 US physicians relying on Antek's technology, Antek has to be able to provide fast, effective support for its medical office software products without physically visiting the client's computer. Using Bomgar, Antek can now support its customers without any firewall configuration or pre-installation of a client on the end-user's computer. Read More


Australian Financial Company: Eliminate On-Site Support Visits Using Appliance-Based Remote Support Solution

Australian Finance Group (AFG) is the largest third-party wholesaler of mortgages in Australia. AFG processes an average of over 6,000 residential mortgages worth a total of over $2 billion per month. They have seized more than 20% of the Australian broker market. With customers and employees throughout Australia, AFG support reps could not travel on-site every time support was needed. Responsible for everything from software support for their customers to network and server administration for their primary and satellite offices, AFG’s support reps often had to walk end-users through complex tasks over the phone. Read More

B Virtual: Revolutionizing the Online Exam Industry

"We take advantage of a number of Bomgar features to connect to and monitor the student's computer. At the end of the day, what we accomplish with Bomgar distinguishes us from our competition. To make this an authentic, online proctored environment, we must dot all the i's and cross all the t's from the institution's perspective. Bomgar makes that possible." Tim Dewey, Chief Operating Officer Read More


BankTEL Systems: Delivering An Exceptional End-User Experience

BankTEL had used WebEx to perform remote tech support for approximately nine years. With WebEx, the company’s seven support representatives found that customer end-users often had difficulty following instructions and performing the tasks necessary on their machine to enable a remote support session. Additionally, the remote support team frequently had difficulty maintaining connections to customer servers. “We were finding that connecting to a user’s computer sometimes took five to fifteen minutes if they weren’t very computer savvy, because they had to execute a series of tasks and often had trouble doing so,” said Bonnie Baker, director of information technology for BankTEL. “Sometimes the issue could be resolved in one or two minutes once connected, so spending fifteen minutes just to get connected wasn’t acceptable. We also had difficulty establishing reliable remote connections to our customer’s servers, which meant we had to involve their on-site IT personnel in the process. We needed a solution that would make the process easier for our end users.” Read More


Beringer: Systems Integrator Becomes “Virtual IT Department” for Customers

"There's no way you can put a price tag on the cost of support," President Craig Beringer says. "The productivity and efficiency gains we have experienced with Bomgar are paramount in today's fast-paced help desk environment. This puts us in an excellent position to continually expand our support service levels and offerings." Read More

Blum: Smooth and Secure Support Operations on a Global Scale

Austria’s Julius Blum GmbH is an international company specializing in the production of functional furniture fittings. The company’s slogan, “Perfecting Motion,” was taken into account during a search for a new remote support solution that would allow their IT department to smoothly communicate with and support traveling employees. After a comprehensive testing period within the IT department, Blum successfully implemented Bomgar’s appliance-based remote support solution, enabling secure, company-wide and platform-independent support services. Read More

Boise State University: Meeting Its “Students First” Initiative With Real-time Visibility, Chat Capabilities and Robust Remote Support

“It became increasingly important to have a tool that was easy to use, efficient and obviously rock solid from a security perspective. Based on those criteria, there really weren’t too many products out there that had the whole package.” Read More


Bucks New University: An IT Department That Fully Serves Its Busy University Community

In 2009, Bucks New university entered a joint agreement with Cisco and HP for IT services and infrastructure. When Bucks outlined its remote support needs to serve its campus communities, Cisco/HP recommended Bomgar as a possible solution. Read More


CACTUS Software: Healthcare Software Provider Maintains Security and Reduces Exposure with Appliance-Based Remote Support Solution

With strict data and network access policies, the CACTUS support team required a remote support solution with an on-site appliance to reduce the number of parties involved during remote sessions. "The Bomgar solution fits our needs, instead of the other way around, and we like that. We also like that we can call it 'our' solution," says Paul Marvin, Product Support and Deployment Analyst. Read More

Cape Fear Community College: Effectively Supporting A Growing Campus Community

The college’s remote support team handles more than 400 support issues per month, ranging from password resets to difficulties using any of the more than 6,000 software products installed on the approximately 3,500 campus devices. The team supports 92 computer labs on the campus as well. Native integration with the Dell KACE IT systems management solution enables the remote support reps to launch Bomgar sessions and features from within the KACE dashboard, further enhancing efficiencies. “Our technicians’ work has been completely transformed by Bomgar,” said Baldwin. “Now they hardly ever have to make an on-site visit. Almost everything is handled remotely.” Baldwin also credits Bomgar with avoiding the need to increase the IT support team. “With the rate our campus is growing, we would have definitely needed to add additional support personnel if it we didn’t have Bomgar.” Read More


Carbonite: Delivering Online Support with a Tangible Difference

When Vice-President of services Rich Surace joined the company, Carbonite was already using Bomgar's hosted solution for remote support and Surace knew there were additional features that Carbonite could use to its advantage. "The ability to monitor agent activity and customer interactions were two main capabilities the hosted version of Bomgar didn't fully provide," said Surace. "I wanted to take advantage of all the features Bomgar offered as I knew from experience they would help us meet our customer satisfaction goal and enhance our operational efficiency." Read More


Carestream Dental: Remote Support That Helps Deliver an Exceptional Customer Experience

Carestream Dental, a customer of Bomgar since 2005, develops and supports practice management software and digital radiography equipment for oral health professionals. The company’s solutions manage every point in a patient’s visit, from appointment scheduling and check-in, to medical charting, producing chair side treatment cards, office activity reporting and insurance claims. Read More

Cargotec: Supporting the Globe for a World-Wide Enterprise

Cargotec has approximately 30 IT support desk representatives and 90 local IT personnel located around the globe to serve more than 7,500 users in its many local branches. Prior to obtaining Bomgar, the organisation used a number of different remote support solutions. Read More


Central Michigan University: Sign of the Times - Supporting Students around the Globe

As CMU's off-campus and online enrollment continued to expand, the Office of IT realized it needed a more effective and flexible way to support geographically dispersed students and prospects. Read More

Chesire and Merseyside Commissioning Support Unit: Making A Shift To Secure Remote Support

The CMCSU team decided to move over to a hybrid model for support where calls could be handled in volume while the amount of time spent on resolution could also be improved. This meant a change in approach, and a more strategic role for remote support. This involved commissioning a new remote support product as part of the change. The solution would have to make it easier to support users, as well as provide full security, auditing and call recording services. Read More


Cresa: Improving The End User Experience with Secure Remote Support

Cresa is an international commercial real estate advisory firm that exclusively represents tenants. Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, Cresa offers a wide range of real estate services, including corporate services, strategic planning, transaction management, facilities management, workforce and location planning and lease administration. The company has more than 55 locations in North America and approximately 200 locations in 40 countries worldwide. Read More

Computer Sciences Corporation CSC Logo

CSC: Support for Remote Clients Raising the Bar at CSC

"When you're dealing with government agencies or healthcare organizations, security, logging and audibility is paramount. We needed a tool that could provide both help desk efficiency and best-in-class security." Read More


DJO: From Cumbersome to Streamlined

With nearly one-third of its workforce is remote, DJO suffered from days of productivity loss and shipping costs while shipping equipment overnight for repairs. With Bomgar, the same issues can be addressed in one hour – versus three days of productivity loss and overnight shipping costs. Read More


Eat’n Park: Assuring Security and Better Customer Support for Every Environment

Eat'n Park Hospitality Group operates in 150 locations with approximately 10,000 employees. Mike Castillo, director of network infrastructure and security, wanted a solution that would provide better remote support to its locations while meeting compliance requirements. "All of our field systems could be accessed using Bomgar, and the solution offered a portal where we send our users for support," said Castillo. "For us, it was an instant win." Read More


Emporos Systems: Secure Support – The Prescription for Pharmacy IT

As a technology vendor to pharmacies and other healthcare sites, Emporos Systems needed a remote support system that could provide the highest level of security. Bomgar has been instrumental in helping Emporos maintain compliance with healthcare and retail industry regulations. Read More


Fidessa: Enhancing Customer Service Across The Globe

Prior to using Bomgar, Fidessa's support technicians relied upon the user's descriptions of issue and queries they were having, along with screen-shots of the user's computer screen, in order to diagnose and solve issues. Because of the complex nature of Fidessa's trading platforms, exchanging accurate instructions and information with the user was sometimes cumbersome and could lead to extended support calls. Read More


Fiserv: Fiserv Replaced WebEx to Support Financial Services Companies Securely

WebEx Support Center was Fiserv's remote support tool prior to Bomgar. But WebEx had security issues, and the ongoing monthly cost ate into the ROI. Read More


Flinders University: Enhancing Collaboration and End-User Satisfaction by Consolidating Remote Support

The Client Services team decided to perform an on-site test of Bomgar along with Citrix GoToAssist Corporate and LogMeIn Rescue, both cloud-based solutions. “During the testing, it became evident that one of the cloud-based tools did not have the functionality that our teams required,” said Trickey. “The University’s Internet connection also went down for a period of time during the testing, rendering both cloud-based solutions inoperable, but with Bomgar we could still support users on our network. Read More


Green Clinic: Supporting A Geographically Dispersed Multi-Specialty Healthcare Clinic

Prior to using Bomgar, the Green Clinic’s IT department used LogMeIn Rescue and LogMeIn Central to provide remote support to users. While the IT support team found these tools adequate for performing unilateral tasks, such as deploying a software update, they did not support sharing a technician’s screen—a capability that enables support reps to remotely teach users how to perform tasks independently through impromptu classroom sessions during support calls. Instead, training required a costly trip to the remote location to teach the user in-person or downtime as the employee traveled to the main location for workshops. Additionally, as clinic personnel began relying more heavily on smartphones and tablets to perform their work, the IT department saw the need for a remote support solution that could support those devices as well. Read More

Hoosier Energy: Transforming Remote Support with Capabilities that Exceed Expectations

Hoosier Energy is a generation and transmission cooperative providing wholesale electric power and services to 18 member distribution cooperatives in central and southern Indiana and southeastern Illinois. Based in Bloomington, Indiana, Hoosier Energy operates coal, natural gas and renewable energy power plants and delivers power through a 1,500-mile transmission network. Monty Dine is the help desk lead for Hoosier Energy. When he joined the company, the help desk was using an antiquated remote support solution to connect to and fix employees’ computers. After attempting to use the solution on several occasions, Dine realized the energy company needed a better way to provide remote support. Familiar with Bomgar from his previous job in the healthcare field, he recommended the solution for Hoosier Energy and, after a trial, the company decided to deploy Bomgar as its new remote support solution. Read More


ICE Systems: A Higher Level of Customer Support

ICE Systems provides remote support to customers across a variety of platforms and, because many of their customers are in highly regulated industries, needed to be able to trace the path of individual reps and their actions during remote support sessions. ICE Systems purchased Bomgar for its extensive reporting capabilities to provide their customers insight into all remote support interactions. Read More


Informatics Merseyside: A Higher Level of Customer Support

Informatics Merseyside provides IT support to more than 11 National Health Service (NHS) healthcare trusts in the Merseyside metropolitan area of North West England. With services that include service desk support, desktop support, Voice & Data, Technical Support, Training, Software & Web Development and IM&T project management, the organization is responsible for approximately 300 sites and 20,000 desktops. Additionally, it supports mobile devices for the clinicians, nurses and administrators working within the Merseyside Care health economy. Read More

Javelin Technologies: Exceptionally Secure Remote Support Enhances Troubleshooting and the Customer Experience

Javelin Technologies is a provider of technology solutions for mechanical design, electrical design and 3D printing. Javelin serves a wide range of markets from mining, oil, gas, and heavy equipment to consumer products, automotive, aerospace and healthcare. The company's cusotmer support team is responsible for assisting 3,500 customers, which equates to 14,000 end users, with any problems they encounter using Javelin's solutions. Read More

JMC IT: Providing Superior Service To A Dispersed Customer Base

“We looked at a range of remote access solutions. While they all met the requirement of enabling remote access, they didn’t all meet our security needs. Some of our customers have strict compliance regulations around Payment Card Industry (PCI) rules, and so we had to include this as part of our decision-making process,” explained Pallett. “Being able to promote our SupportCare Portal as part of helping them meet those compliance requirements was therefore very important to us.” Read More


Johns Hopkins Applied Physics: A Remote Support Solution to Meet Johns Hopkins University's Rigorous Security Standards

Evaluating its support services, the Information Technology Support Department learned that their remote support solutions were substandard in terms of security and reliability. Federally funded, the Lab often works with sensitive information from agencies including the Department of Defense and NASA. Read More

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg: University IT Team Provides Quality Support to Students and Faculty around the World

The IT support team at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health is able to provide the same quality of support to students and faculty calling in from Botswana as they are to those calling in from an on-campus research building. Read More

Lasalle University Logo

La Salle University: Extending IT Support to Meet the Needs of a Growing University

With the ability to do remote support, the IT department has moved its support technicians to a centralized location where they can support both walk-in users and remote users throughout the University. By centralizing the support center and significantly reducing travel, La Salle has greatly improved its efficiency without adding resources. Read More

Meander Medical Centre: Securing Access to a Hospital's IT Network

“Our hospital relies more and more on suppliers to provide the latest healthcare technologies that help us serve our patients,” said Paul Bauwens, ICT architect for Meander Medical Centre. “We have approximately 80 suppliers who need access to our network, so it’s critical that we are able to provide that access in a way that complies with government regulations concerning healthcare information security.” Read More


Memorial Hermann: New Project - Launch HIPAA Requirement Ready Support Line for 4,100 Physicians

After evaluating several remote support solutions, Bomgar was the only solution to meet the Memorial Hermann physician support task-force's criteria. Bomgar complies with HIPAA requirements, leaving no footprint on the remote system, and Memorial Hermann's implementation requires the end-user to initiate and control the remote support session. Read More


Michigan State Council of the Knights of Columbus: Supporting a Nonprofit's Large Statewide Membership and Network

“We rolled out a new email system for our members a few years ago,” said Russell Long, State Technology Support Director for the Michigan State Council of the Knights of Columbus. “As you can imagine, theskill level of our members when it comes to technology varies widely. With a membership that spans the state of Michigan, I couldn’t provide in-person support to everyone. I was spending a lot of time on the telephone trying to walk members through setting up their email and sometimes just helping them log into the system itself. Not being able to see their computer screen or know whether they were following my directions correctly made the troubleshooting process very aggravating for them and for me. As a result, we decided we needed a remote support solution to better serve our members.” Read More

Murphy Oil USA: Robust Remote Support Keeps Core Point of Sale Systems (POS) in Compliance

Murphy Oil USA’s national support center provides remote technical support for the computers and point of sale (POS) systems at each of its retail locations. Prior to Bomgar, the company used a number of different remote support tools that it found to be inefficient and cumbersome. The IT team wanted to standardize on a single remote support solution that could troubleshoot all of its retail systems. Additionally, once the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) was formalized, a PCI compliant remote support solution became a requirement. Read More

Norton Healthcare: Major Healthcare System Redefines Support Center with Remote Support

Remote support is the most cost-effective solution the Norton Healthcare support organization has found for increasing customer satisfaction, reducing disruptions in productivity and meeting HIPAA compliance regulations. Implementing Bomgar has changed the way they do business and they realized a return on investment in just eight months. Read More


Novell: Novell Uses Collaborative Remote Support To Transform Its Customer Experience

During a time of constrained budgets, limited resources, and increased service demands, Novell implemented a new remote support tool from Bomgar and realized significant productivity and customer satisfaction improvements. Read More


NowNerd: Remote Support Capabilities To Build A Business On

“We wanted to create a dashboard platform that would enhance our technicians’ capabilities and improve efficiencies, as well as offer our customers a turnkey remote support solution that provides an extremely easy experience for their users and can be customized to their specifications,” said Turner. “We knew that LogMeIn Rescue did not have the capabilities we needed to build this new platform, so we began testing several other solutions, including Bomgar.” Read More


Plum Choice: Bomgar Extends IT Service Provider's Reach Across Platforms

PlumChoice support agents drove the quick adoption from GoToAssist™ to Bomgar. The reaction to the change was "revolutionary," says Surace. In addition, they are able to "provide the support they were trained to do." Read More Ensuring customers get the support they need

"It all began when we ran into a situation where we had to upgrade a large number of devices remotely. The cumbersome process was extremely frustrating," said David Ruchman, CTO of "So we began searching for a solution that would solve these issues." Read More


Innovating With A Remote Support Solution To Match An It Service Provider’s Unique Commitment To Quality Service

“We’ve had 100 percent uptime with the Bomgar appliance. Bomgar supplies regular service patches and upgrades which we apply to keep everything up-to-date. That kind of reliability is what sets our business apart, and Bomgar helps us deliver on it.” Read More


RBSCRP: Provide Exceptional Point of Sale System Support Across Remote Islands

For many years, RBSCRP supported its customers by phone or through on-site visits when technical issues arose. However in 2006, once internet use became widespread among the company’s customers, the support team began evaluating remote support solutions. “To support our customers we used to have to drive to a customer’s location or try to explain over the phone how to do something,” said Ryan Lee, owner and president of RBSCRP. “It was a difficult and timeconsuming process. When remote support over the internet became a possibility, we knew our ability to provide efficient customer service would improve by gaining remote support capabilities.” Read More

Redner's Warehouse Markets: Efficient, Secure Technical Support for Busy Store Environments

Implementing Bomgar meant Redner’s technicians no longer faced a hurdle when establishing sessions to support the company’s approximately 1,300 devices, including 700 point of sale (POS) registers, 400 back office machines handling tasks such as accounting and inventory management, and 200 corporate PCs and laptops. “In addition to simplifying connections, we’ve configured Bomgar so that it is trusted by our applications, eliminating the need to bypass a lot of safeguards that would normally lock an application down and prevent the execution of system-level tasks,” said Hidalgo. Read More


Region 14: Remote Support Efficiency Makes Texas Smaller

Just 11 support staff are responsible for providing IT support and training services to 42 school districts within the Region 14 Education Service Center support area. So how can such a small team serve over 160 campus sites, 200 administrators, 4,000 teachers and 43,000 students dispersed over hundreds of square miles? Read More

School District Five of Lexington and Richland Counties: Improving Technology Efficiencies with Seamless, Cost-Effective Remote Support

The technology needs of District Five are supported by three help desk personnel and 13 representatives in the field. For remote support, District Five previously used a tool that came with its ticketing software and later moved to free tools such as and TeamViewer. However, the technical support team found that these tools lacked the features necessary to provide sufficient remote support to the growing district and decided to look for a more robust remote support solution. Read More


September 11th Memorial and Museum: Helping a National Memorial Manage its Critical Operation Systems

“We have numerous vendors that need access to their business systems 24/7 to update them and keep them running,” said Stephen Hey, manager of technology infrastructure & security for the Memorial. “We wanted to make sure that these vendors could remotely access their systems without a lot of difficulty, but at the same time, we wanted the ability to control and monitor access. With Bomgar’s Embassy feature, we were able to do just that. Bomgar was the only solution that met all of our requirements, particularly when it came to security.” Read More


Shaw Industries: Advanced Capabilities Enhance Remote Support for a Global Organization

"We evaluated several other products before choosing Bomgar. Unlike the cloud-based solutions, Bomgar is an appliance that we deploy within our network, giving us in-house, centralized control over all remote support activity. We didn't have that control with the cloud-based remote access tools that route sensitive remote support logs and screen-sharing recordings through their own servers." Read More

Smiths Group PLC: Standing Apart From the Crowd in Meeting Global Remote IT Support Needs

"One thing we really liked was Bomgar's solution is unique as a stand-alone appliance that sits behind our firewall. This gave us the ability to configure and integrate it with the other security measures in our IT operations and network," explains Neil Cornwell, director of service support. Read More


Sora Technologies: Remote Support Capabilities That Help Drive A Managed Service Provider's Success

Sora Technologies is using Bomgar to manage vendor access to its own systems, which enhances security as well. Bomgar’s Embassy feature is a way to allow secure, auditable, cross-platform remote access from vendors who need to regularly access Sora’s systems. Sora can create an Embassy for each and every vendor, and granularly control what each can or cannot access. Creating Embassy teams is a much more secure and manageable alternative to giving individual vendor representatives VPN access to their internal systems. With Bomgar’s session recording, Sora can now track every action its vendors take while remotely accessing their systems. Read More


Stephen F Austin University: University Chooses Appliance-Based Remote Support Solution Over Leading SaaS Solution

"We chose Bomgar over LogMeIn because we couldn't depend on the SaaS vendor. It was just one fiber cut away from being cut off from the world. That's not a risk we were willing to take." Read More

Surgical Information Systems: The Total Economic Impact of the Bomgar Remote Support Solution

To understand and quantify the impact of the Bomgar solution, Forrester Research interview staff from Surgical Information Systems (SIS), a provider of perioperative information technology solutions. SIS has used the Bomgar remote support solution to transform the way it does business, allowing it to deliver service more quickly and efficiently. This has had a significant effect financially, in terms of cost savings, but also has improved the experience of SIS' customers, who get more effective and flexible service from SIS. Read More


The University of Georgia: An Innovative and Secure Remote Support Solutions Provides a Personal Touch

With over 100,000 email accounts at the University, the EITS team knew the migration project would require a remote support solution to get everyone's desktop and mobile devices set up. "Many of the solutions we reviewed seemed very limited in the devices they supported. Bomgar impressed us as being innovative with regard to both the range of devices it supported and its constant release updates to stay in front of new technologies," explained Rachel Moorehead, IT Professional Specialist. Read More


The University of North Georgia: Streamlining Support with ServiceNow and Bomgar

The University of North Georgia recently implemented the Bomgar and ServiceNow integration, which allows the IT team to seamlessly initiate remote support sessions. The university installed the integration in less than one hour, and in the same day were able to launch Bomgar sessions directly from ServiceNow, and all remote session data was automatically captured in the ticket. Read More

University of North Dakota Logo

The University of Noth Dakota: Remote Support That Helps A Higher Ed Institution Achieve Its Strategic Goals

"With Bomgar, our help desk team can simply log in,quickly fix a problem and we’re on to the next user’s issue. We are now able to close support tickets on average within 24 to 72 hours, rather than weeks." Read More

UNC Health Care: Delivering Effective IT Support Across A Healthcare System

UNC Health Care is a not-for-profit, integrated healthcare system owned by the State of North Carolina and based in Chapel Hill. It exists to further the teaching mission of the University of North Carolina and to provide state-of-the-art patient care. A distinguishing characteristic of UNC Health Care is its association with the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Medicine, a nationally eminent research institution. This relationship gives UNC Health Care a powerful pathway for moving the results of biomedical research from medical school laboratories to patient care settings. UNC Health Care brings together more than 20,000 employees, doctors and nurses to care for patients from all 100 counties in North Carolina and surrounding states. In addition to five specialty hospitals, the system includes seven regional hospitals. This comprehensive approach connects communities with the healthcare resources they need, provided by the local hospitals and doctors they trust. Read More


University for the Creative Arts: Meeting the Changing Support Needs of the University Across Five Campuses and Internationally

“Looking through the remote support tools that were on the market, we quickly realised that there was a lot more to consider than just being able to remotely support our users’ devices. We analysed our IT environment and saw that a single tool was required to support multiple platforms. We also have a lot of diverse creative arts students, whose needs and requirements differ depending on the course they are studying. It was clear that a need to support an increasing number of iPads and Android devices within our environment had to be addressed,” said Davies. Read More

The University of Bedfordshire: Expanding The Reach of Support for Faculty and Staff

The university began using Bomgar as part of an initiative to improve the IT team’s service to users. Prior to that time, its approximately 46 IT support representatives were using a variety of tools to provide remote support to faculty and staff. “We had a number of solutions with remote support capabilities prior to acquiring Bomgar, including Novell ZENworks, Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol and LANDESK,” said Stevie Watson, incident and service manager for the University of Bedfordshire. “However, unlike Bomgar, the other tools could only be used if the user was connected to the university’s network. Bomgar can establish a session through any Internet connection. That was just one of the many reasons that Bomgar quickly became our primary remote support tool.” Read More

University of York: Taking IT Support for a Vibrant University to a New Level

"One thing that set Bomgar apart from another popular solution that the other company wanted to charge extra to support anything other than Mac and Windows. Bomgar's solution also includes Linux and mobile device support. We have several departments that use Linux technology, so having that capability was an important factor in our decision," said Sarah Kennedy, IT Support Office Manager. Read More

USC Viterbi School of Engineering: Remote Support Capbailities Serve A Vibrant Professional School

Founded in 1880, the University of Southern California (USC) is a leading private research university and home to more than 38,000 students and 3,500 full-time faculty members. The Viterbi School of Engineering is one of 18 professional schools at USC. The Viterbi School contributes approximately one fourth of the university’s annual sponsored research. Before the IT department at the Viterbi School began using Bomgar, it had limited remote support capability that made frequent on-site visits necessary in order to support the more than 600 full-time and part-time faculty, staff and student employees that work in 20 buildings on and off campus. With a continually growing and evolving IT environment, the school’s IT department recognized it needed to improve its incident handling speed and capacity and reduce the need for on-site support visits and the associated costs. Read More


Wilkes County: Maintainning HIPAA & Security Compliance with Bomgar Solution

Wilkes County’s IT department supports approximately 400 county employees and 700 computers, servers and other devices located in 17 county sites. Major sites include the sheriff’s office, health department, landfill, animal control and the airport. Before the county implemented Bomgar as its remote support solution, the IT department used Windows built-in freeware tools to provide remote support to users. However, this software was not always effective, and trips to the county sites were often required to assist users. “We frequently had to travel to our locations across the county to simple, perform routine tasks, such as installing a printer on a user’s machine, because we couldn’t accomplish these things using our remote capabilities,” said Greg Adams, IT systems administrator for Wilkes County. “It could only be described as an expensive and inefficient approach to IT support.” Read More

Zappos Uses Bomgar for Remote Support Logo Web-Retailer with Linux-Based Support Desk Manages Users on Multiple Operating Systems with Remote Support Appliance

As an open-sourced IT organization, Linux support was a critical factor. Now not only can the IT team support Linux, they can also support Windows, Mac and mobile devices. Read More