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What is Citrix® GoToAssist™?

GoToAssist vs. GoToAssist Corporate
Inconsistencies between GoToAssist and GoToAssist Corporate make comparison difficult

GoToAssist remote support software is available in two versions: GoToAssist and GoToAssist Corporate. In general, GoToAssist offers more advanced platform support, while GoToAssist Corporate enables more rep-to-rep collaboration. However, the two versions also have different features, different modules, different integration capabilities, and slightly different target markets.

These inconsistencies make comparison somewhat difficult. We use "GoToAssist" and "GoToAssist Corporate" to differentiate the two.

Compare the Deployment Model Used by Citrix® GoToAssist™

Remote support software can touch every computer, server and smartphone in your organization, so the potential for transferring sensitive data is very high.

Citrix GoToAssist is a software-as-a-service solution. That means your sensitive data (ex., LDAP credentials) is routed through Citrix Online servers, and the customer portal is located at fastsupport.com, a Citrix-hosted website. With Bomgar's appliance-based approach, you are in control.

For the enterprise support organization, Bomgar is a better fit. Our appliances make it easier to achieve compliance, create integrations and manage costs over time. Watch this video to learn more.

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For security reasons, I knew I wanted a remote support solution that was not cloud-based. Having the Bomgar appliance on-premise has proven to be an important feature because the FBI CJIS rules have increased requirements for secure communications. Similarly, we have to meet HIPAA requirements for our health department.
Greg Adams, IT Systems Administrator
Wilkes County, North Carolina

Does GoToAssist™ Support Your Operating System?

Default and Custom Special Actions
Accessing special actions for Windows from an iPad rep console

GoToAssist works well with Windows, but support for Mac, Linux and other platforms is inconsistent or absent.

While technicians can use GoToAssist Corporate to support remote Mac desktops, they must connect from a PC. That means your Mac experts are working from Windows. 

GoToAssist Corporate includes chat support for Linux, but little else. No remote desktop support for Linux is available from either version of GoToAssist.

What About Mobile Devices?

If you want to support iPhones, iPads, Android and other mobile devices, you'll need both versions of GoToAssist. GoToAssist includes limited iOS and Android support. But you'll need GoToAssist corporate to support BlackBerry devices.

Also, the Corporate version does not have mobile representative consoles that enable support from mobile devices.

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Flinders University performed an on-site test of Bomgar along with Citrix GoToAssist Corporate and LogMeIn Rescue and concluded: "Bomgar stood out as the one solution that met all of our requirements."
Steve Trickey, IT Client Services Manager, Flinders University

You Can Support All Your Platforms and Devices with Bomgar

Cross Platform Remote Support Software

By contrast, Bomgar enables remote support for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android devices, BlackBerry devices and Windows Mobile phones.

And Bomgar is committed to letting support technicians connect from their preferred platform. Linux experts can connect from Linux. Mac aficionados, from Mac.

Plus, Bomgar was the first to create mobile apps that let reps engage in remote support from their Android or iOS devices.

All supported platforms are included in the core product.

Bomgar Mobile Support Compatibility Comparison Chart
Bomgar Mobile Support Compatibility Comparison Chart

Is Citrix® GoToAssist™ Secure Enough for the Enterprise?

While GoToAssist’s SaaS architecture may be convenient, customers take a security risk every time they route sensitive data through third party servers.

Because Bomgar resides behind your firewall, it keeps all of your data under your control and enables you to ensure regulatory compliance. Bomgar logs and records every session. All session data is guarded by SSL encryption.

Bomgar resides in your network, under the security measures you already have in place. After most support sessions, Bomgar uninstalls, leaving no footprint on the remote desktop.

With Bomgar, remote support, chat support, unattended remote access, online meetings, mobile device support, vendor access management and all the supported platforms are all included in the core product at no additional charge.

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Citrix GoToAssist didn’t offer the level of security Sorbis and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) require.
Gene August, CEO Sorbis Corp.

Does GoToAssist™ Have Enterprise ITSM Integrations?

BMC Dell KACE Cherwell Hornbill HP Salesforce ServiceNow

GoToAssist Corporate has an API and integrates with Salesforce.com. GoToAssist also has an API, and customers may add the GoToAssist Service Desk or GoToAssist Monitoring modules for a monthly fee.

But most enterprise support organizations already have service desk, ITSM, and CRM solutions in place. That’s why Bomgar integrates with a number of the leading systems management, service desk, and CRM tools.

You can use Bomgar with Autotask, BMC, Dell KACE, Cherwell, Hornbill, HP, TOPdesk, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, ServiceNow, and SunView ChangeGear. You can even create custom ITSM integrations with your proprietary solutions.

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Bomgar's integration features allow PlumChoice support reps to use existing tool­sets across multiple operating systems. With these integrated tools, support agents are able to fix problems on the first call 92% of the time.
Rich Surace, Senior VP of Operations, PlumChoice

Doesn't Bomgar Cost More than GoToAssist™?

GoToAssist vs Bomgar Annual Cost
GoToAssist vs Bomgar Annual Cost: Yearly cost per solution over 5 years
GoToAssist vs Bomgar Total Cost
GoToAssist vs Bomgar Total Cost: Total solution cost over 5 years

Because Bomgar is appliance-based, many people think Bomgar costs more than GoToAssist. But do the math.

It's true that GoToAssist often involves a lower up-front investment, but Bomgar’s one-time purchase model offers a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). In most cases, customers begin to see savings over GoToAssist between the first and second year.

Ownership means customers pay significantly less in subsequent years than they do with GoToAssist rental model.

Also, GoToAssist licenses are offered as named seat license subscriptions that must be renewed annually. Bomgar licensing is based on the number of concurrent reps, meaning only those users logged into Bomgar at any one time actually utilize a license, while each individual still gets their own secure login and password.

Unlike GoToAssist, Bomgar is all-inclusive. Customers would need to buy GoToMeeting and numerous other tools to create a total solution comparable to Bomgar.

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We did a point-by-point comparison of GoToAssist and Bomgar, and Bomgar performed extremely well. It provides equivalent functionality in every way, and it is a much better value proposition.
Clarence White, CIO, Salvation Army, USA West Region

Bomgar Is Designed for Enterprise Remote Support

GoToAssist is designed for small support organizations
GoToAssist is designed for small support organizations

Bomgar is a smaller company than Citrix. How has it become the #1 remote support solution in the enterprise?

One word. Focus.

You see, remote support technology vendors face the challenge of supporting a variety of operating systems and devices both on and off the corporate network.

Citrix Online’s broad product portfolio requires it to spread research and development attention across a variety of markets, all of which have differing needs and requirements.

GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar, for example, are designed to serve the needs of sales and marketing users. Increased attention on these sales and marketing products often means reduced focus on GoToAssist. The result is a fairly slow upgrade cycle for GoToAssist.

But all of Bomgar's research and development efforts are focused on improving remote support for enterprise support organizations. Bomgar is designed for support.

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