by Jeremy Curley published

How Remote Support can Reduce Volume for the Service Center

Now more than ever, IT organizations need tools and processes that can help extend support while also reducing costs.

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by Liz Richardson published

Top 12 Pieces of Sage Advice from One IT Pro to the Next

Thinking of becoming an IT professional? Just getting your feet wet in the world of customer support? That’s great! IT pros are in demand and the future is looking bright for the technically savvy. But a tech support career is not all butterflies and rainbows. There’s a lot of hard work, long hours and frustration ahead, and chances are you could use a little advice along the way. So, whether you’ve just landed your first service desk job or are the go-to techie for your co-workers, friends, family and boss, here are some words of wisdom and encouragement.

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by Bryan Hood published

Battling Bruteforce RDP Attacks

The team here at Bomgar asked ourselves, “What if you could easily access RDP-enabled machines both locally and remotely without complex firewall configurations or VPNs while keeping your network secure?” Turns out you can!

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by Shane Fender published

A Guide to (Better) Time Management

“I simply have too much time in the day” –No IT Pro Ever I’m sure there are those rare few out there that have found a Garden of Eden when it comes to time. However, this post is not for those lucky individuals. It’s for everyone else. As IT professionals, we work hard, things get busy and then we work harder. It’s not ideal and it’s not necessary either. Lift with your brain. There is life outside of work and trust me, it is usually a lot more fun as well.

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by Jeremy Curley published

How Long Does it Take to Resolve That Issue?

The many different types of issues customers contact you about is an integral part of your support center. You talk about them, train on them, track them and assign levels of severity to them. But what is often missing is a clear understanding of the link between the type of customer issue and the time it actually takes to resolve that particular issue.

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by Sara Lisch published

The Importance of Leveraging Support Tools Beyond Basic Usage

For organizations who have moved beyond phone or paper, support centers need to spend large amounts of money and resources to purchase and deploy these technologies, but unfortunately often don’t invest the time to train for anything more than basic usage. In many of the support centers I visit, what I see are these technologies being used at the most basic levels rather than exploiting the wide variety of features and functionalities available to them in the tools they have already purchased.

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by Liz Shulof published

5 Steps to Stop Vendors from Making You a Data Breach Victim

Target Data Breach

Target Corp. revealed yesterday that the hackers who stole 40 million credit card numbers breached their systems by using credentials stolen from one of its vendors. While Target didn't specify which vendor or system was initially breached, the news shines a light on a major security gap: unsecured vendor access. This is not a new or unknown issue. The 2013 Trustwave Global Security Report found that 63% of the 450 data breaches studied were linked to a third-party component of IT system administration, meaning a third party had introduced security deficiencies easily exploited by hackers. And according to Verizon's 2013 Data Breach Investigation Report, 76 percent of network intrusions exploited weak or stolen credentials. We understand that organizations can’t just cut off vendor access to all of their systems. But that doesn't mean you need to hand over the keys to the kingdom. Here are five actions you can take now that can make a big impact on improving your vendor access security.

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by Lance Gallup published

How to Explain Your Tech Support Magic to the Tech Deficient

Think back to the last time a user asked you to explain a technical issue after you solved some knotty (or not!) problem for them... Did you lean back, take a mental breath, feel annoyance or maybe a pitying condescension and wonder "Now, how do I put this..."? The answer is probably easier than you think.

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by Justin Brock published

LogMeIn and TeamViewer – Does Using Free Remote Access Tools Suggest a Lack of Strategy?

LogMeIn Discontinues LogMeIn Free

Now that LogMeIn Free is cancelled, many are going to TeamViewer. But are free remote access tools part of a smart remote support strategy?

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by Donald Hasson published

Changing the World One Support Session at a Time

Impacting the world at large with remote support may seem like a stretch at first but not the way we see it. Some of Bomgar’s simplest features --like those that help customers get into Bomgar sessions faster -- have significant financial impact. Read this post to see why using Bomgar to change the world may not be so far fetched.

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