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Botnet Targets RDP to Compromise POS Systems

Earlier this week, security researchers uncovered a global cybercriminal operation that has compromised thousands of computers, which are actively trying to break into point-of-sale (POS) systems using brute-force techniques to guess remote administration credentials.

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by Jeremy Curley published

How Remote Support can Reduce Volume for the Service Center

Now more than ever, IT organizations need tools and processes that can help extend support while also reducing costs.

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by LRichardson published

Top 12 Pieces of Sage Advice from One IT Pro to the Next

Thinking of becoming an IT professional? Just getting your feet wet in the world of customer support? That’s great! IT pros are in demand and the future is looking bright for the technically savvy. But a tech support career is not all butterflies and rainbows. There’s a lot of hard work, long hours and frustration ahead, and chances are you could use a little advice along the way. So, whether you’ve just landed your first service desk job or are the go-to techie for your co-workers, friends, family and boss, here are some words of wisdom and encouragement.

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by Bryan Hood published

Battling Bruteforce RDP Attacks

The team here at Bomgar asked ourselves, “What if you could easily access RDP-enabled machines both locally and remotely without complex firewall configurations or VPNs while keeping your network secure?” Turns out you can!

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by Boatner Blankenstein published

Restaurant Remote Access Breach: A Wake-up Call for Retailers

Yesterday, BankInfoSecurity reported that Information Systems & Supplies Inc. (IS&S), a food-service POS and security systems provider, recently notified customers of a remote access breach that may have exposed card data from POS transactions. The article notes, “IS&S is an independent reseller of POS products sold by software vendor Future POS Inc. Future POS customers named on IS&S's site include restaurant chains such as Dairy Queen and TacoTime.” In a letter to customers, IS&S said a LogMeIn account used by the company to remotely support customers was breached, and they have reason to believe that the data accessed could include credit card information.

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by Justin Brock published

Infographic: Using Bomgar with Your Help Desk, Service Desk, or Systems Management Tool

Bomgar ITSM/Service Desk Integration

Ever wish you could remote desktop to a server directly from the alert in your systems management tool? Have you ever wanted more context about an employee's previous interactions with IT before you started helping him? Do you want to know how people really feel about their support experience? Have you ever thought, "Man, it'd really be for the ticket to be automatically updated with all the [troubleshooting steps I took | things the customer said about her issue | eloquent (or snarky) notes I made post-session] without having to type that in manually"? All those troubles, and more, are satisfactorily solved when you integrate Bomgar with your service desk or systems management solution. We made a little infographic to demonstrate how.

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by Danielle Rosero published

Our Bomgar Bus 2014 Recap

The Bomgar Bus rode again, making 41 stops in 22 cities and giving private Bomgar demos to over 700 prospects and customers. We had a blast connecting with so many wonderful fans and getting to know more about what our customers' needs are, how Bomgar fits into their service desk and what we can do moving forward to make Bomgar the best solution available. Thank you to all our hosts for having us! Here are just a few great pics from our trip.

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by Elizabeth Hulsey published

Upgrade to Bomgar 14.2 Today!

This week, we announced the general availability of Bomgar 14.2, which introduces multiple enhancements for controlling and securing remote access to systems, as well as improving support technician productivity.

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by Shane Fender published

A Guide to (Better) Time Management

“I simply have too much time in the day” –No IT Pro Ever I’m sure there are those rare few out there that have found a Garden of Eden when it comes to time. However, this post is not for those lucky individuals. It’s for everyone else. As IT professionals, we work hard, things get busy and then we work harder. It’s not ideal and it’s not necessary either. Lift with your brain. There is life outside of work and trust me, it is usually a lot more fun as well.

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by Kim Richard published

Announcing the Bomgar EMEA User Group

If you are a Bomgar customer located in Europe, you absolutely do not want to miss our upcoming user group on 4 June in Birmingham, UK. Why? Because no other event will bring together so many Bomgar customers in one room to talk best practices. Our goal for the event is to ensure that all of our valued customers are utilising Bomgar to its full potential and truly maximising their investment in the product. If that isn’t compelling enough, here are a few other reasons to attend:

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